Fundamental Sciences


The study of agriculture is termed as agricultural science. It is a multidisciplinary field which consists of a variety of scientific, technical and business subjects that promote the efficient production of quality food on the farm and in the agricultural food industry linked to farming. Closely related to biological science, it uses the principles of biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics to solve the problems related to agriculture. Agricultural science include research and development on production techniques; improving agricultural productivity in terms of quantity and quality; transformation of primary products into end consumer products.


• B.Sc. Agriculture
• B.Sc. Agriculture (Hons.)
• M.Sc. Agricultural Biochemistry
• M.Sc. Agricultural Biotechnology
• M.Sc. Agricultural Economics
• M.Sc. Agricultural Engineering
• M.Sc. Agricultural Extension
• M.Sc. Agricultural Meteorology
• M.Sc. Agriculture

• M.Sc. Dairy Technology and Agricultural Extension
• M.Sc. Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry
• M.Tech. Agricultural Water Management
• Ph.D. Agricultural Economics
• Post Graduate Diploma in Agricultural Business Management (P.G.D.A.B.M)
• Post Graduate Diploma in Agricultural Extension Management (P.G.D.A.E.M)
• Post Graduate Diploma in Agricultural Marketing Management (P.G.D.A.M.M)
• Post Graduate Diploma in Agricultural Water Management

Areas of Specialisation

• Food Science: Analysing food content, preserving, processing, packaging, storing and delivering foods
• Plant Science or Horticulture: agronomy, environmental science, plant breeding and entomology. Agronomy is the scientific management of soil and the production of crops. Entomology is the study of insects and their relationship to plants. Plant breeding include Forestry, Floriculture etc
• Soil Science:  is the study of the physical, chemical and biological composition of soils; its impact on plant growth and how various types of soils respond to things such as fertilizers, crop rotation etc.
• Animal Science: It is the field which conducts research and development to improve the production and processing of meats, fish and dairy products.
• Other Fields: Agricultural economics; waste management; environmental science, ecology; agricultural engineering, biosystems engineering; biotechnology; genetic engineering; microbiology, etc.


Aqua Science is the multi-disciplinary study of the Earths Oceanic and fresh water
environments. Also known as Aquatic Science, the subject encompasses a range of
disciplines concerned with the oceans, rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, wetlands etc, their geology and composition, and the life forms that live in them. Aqua Culture involves cultivating freshwater and saltwater populations under controlled conditions.


  • B.Sc. Aqua Culture
    • M.Sc. Applied Fisheries and Aqua Culture
    • M.Sc. Aqua Culture and Fish Processing
    • M.Sc. Aqua Culture
    • M.Sc. Mariculture
    • M.Sc. Coastal Aqua Culture and Marine Biotechnology
    • M.F.Sc. Freshwater Aqua Culture
    • Ph.D. Aqua Culture
    • Bachelor of Fishery Science
    • M.Sc. Industrial Fisheries
    • Master of Fishery Science
    • Ph.D. Fishery Science