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“A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment.”
John Wooden

Do you want to know your strengths?

Do you want to know career options that will match your personality?

Our experts can help you to design your career path. Want to know how?

We have a 4 step Career Planning Process: C.M.G.M

  • Step 1: Career Counseling
  • Step 2: Career Mapping
  • Step 3: Career Guidance
  • Step 4: Career Mentoring

Career Planning is an art and science. Our expert panel of counselors and mentors & assessment tools will help you  discover your strengths and interests and give career options that match your personality.

For All Age Groups G 4 to G9 School Students
Find out your innate strengths Measure the skills as per CBSE norms
The report explains the Personal Behavior of the individual. Everyone will have some high scores and some low scores as some of the patterns are opposite in nature and they cannot co-exist in the same degree. The characteristics included are descriptions of core behaviour in personality which the individual exhibits in general. They may or may not have a direct impact on the specific job to be considered. The report explains the Co-Scholastic skills as prescribed by CBSE. There are 50 skills under three major sections (Thinking Skills, Social Skills & Emotional Skills). Each major section is further divided into subsections competencies. Thinking skill is divided into Self Awareness,Problem Solving, Decision Making, Critical Thinking and Creative Thinking. Social Skill is divided into Interpersonal Skill, Effective Communication and Empathy. Emotional Skill is divided into Managing Emotions and Dealing with Stress.
Grade 9 to Grade 12 School Students  For Graduates and post graduates 
Match your stream to your personality 
This report will explain in detail, the career path of the student with respect to his/her skill sets, multiple career options, strengths in general, what career / future studies need to be avoided, top competencies, VAK Analysis
The report measures the innate qualities of the students, match the skills with hundreds of jobs in the market and reveal the best career options. Based on the interest now the students can choose a career /higher studies.
For Arts and Science Degree and PG students a more focused career assessment is made compared to Metriculation / +2 level. The report also include specific competency mapping for various branches like B.Com – Advertising /  B.Com Foreign trade etc. and B.Sc., BA etc. The report will highlight the best 10 jobs after the course  along with the strengths in general, top competencies, training requirements etc..  
For Engineering  Students FOR  MBA students
Due to lack of awareness of personal Strengths & weaknesses and incomplete information about the core competencies required for different job profiles, thousands of engineering students land in wrong jobs where they cannot perform well  Special management competencies such as General administration, Business management, Finance management, risk analysis Decision making, Strategic planning, Delegation, conflict management, Process compliance audit etc.. are mapped for the MBA students. However these competencies might vary based on the branch of studies. Once these competencies are measured along with other 150+ competencies,  Based on the competency analysis of the individual , the report highlights the top 10 jobs of each student with respect to the branch of study. 

Career Options in:

COMMERCE | GEOGRAPHY  | ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY   | MEDICAL & HEALTHCARE| ECONOMICS |ENTREPRENEURSHIP|Design and Drama | Fundamental Science | Public Services | Language and LitreatureOTHERS

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When & Why to visit a counsellor?

Counsellors help to achieve excellence in academic, professional, personal and social aspects of life.

Counsellors help students to –

    • Face competitions
    • Handle fear of examinations
    • Strive for higher performance
    •  Build self confidence
    • Improve relationship with the peers, parents and teachers 

Counsellors  help professionals to:

  • Deal with stress
  • Set and achieve goals
  • Develop competencies to achieve professional excellence
  • Learn the art of Effective Communication
  • Develop & Strengthen Creative & Critical Thinking 
  • Develop & strengthen Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills