My Child Does Not Like to Study…….

by Harmeet Kaur

My Child does not like to study………Is my child dumb?

A young farmer had been sowing seeds year after year. But, his efforts were not giving good results. The yield would be of average quality. This continued for 4 years and the farmer thought to seek advise of an experienced farmer. He went to meet the village oldest and rich farmer. The old farmer asked him what soil was he using, when would he water the crops, what pesticide was he using, was there ample sunlight, what was the quality of manure was he using and did he ever expressed love to his crops?

Answers to all these questions revealed that the young farmer was not planning the right time to sow the seeds, he was not preparing the soil before sowing the seeds, sometimes he used to over water the crops and at times he used forget to water his crops and for him the crop was just a means to earn his living.

In the same way, childhood is the time to give the appropriate guidance, proper planning of the study time, play time, resting time and fun time. Few children learn faster by observation, few learn faster by watching videos and few children have to actually do the experiment to learn faster. Each child has equal capability of learning. Find out which style of learning is most appropriate for your child.

Happy Parenting!

Harmeet Kaur is an educationist, trainer, consultant, entrepreneur and a happy parent of two teenage kids.



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