Let Your kid(s) Dirty Their Hands

by Harmeet Kaur

A child has a natural and fearless instinct to explore. The child wants to explore sand, insects, materials and colors. Well, except for sand I have always allowed my children to dirty their hands. They have played with colors all the time and never got tired. And, all the materials and colors have, always been within their approach. Infact, when my younger one was only 2 years old he would love to work with colors and materials. So, I kept all the materials and colors at the bottom of the study table so that my son was independent in taking things out and putting them back in the place. And, I also always gave my children the freedom to use the comforts that the corners and center of the house would provide. The house belongs to children and they know how to take care of it. So, give your kid’s the freedom to dirty their hands with colors and material in the young age that will help them to explore themselves and understand the use and misuse of things at the right age.

Happy Parenting!

Harmeet Kaur is an educationist, trainer, consultant, entrepreneur and a happy parent of two teenage kids.


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