How many times to say ‘Yes’ to my child?

by Harmeet Kaur

Well, the number of times you want your child to say ‘Yes’ to your demands! This is like a movie story where the hero asks 9 questions for which the heroine gives 9 yes’s and the tenth question is ‘do you love me?’ and the heroine unknowingly says ‘yes’.

But our movie with our children does not want all the movie drama and is also little longer one measurable in years. The whole idea to say ‘Yes’ to our children is to gain their confidence and trust. We want them to come to back to us every time they are in doubt and do not seek for any external support. It becomes our duty as parents to draw down the boundary of Yes’s and keep few ‘no’ balls inside to play with.

Happy Parenting!

Harmeet Kaur is an educationist, trainer, consultant, entrepreneur and a happy parent of two teenage kids.


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